Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Aishwarya Rai as Unniyaarcha in The Last Legion!

Yes, it's true. In the Hollywood movie The Last Legion, the beauty queen plays the role of Mira, a female warrior serving a Byzantine emperor. She joins general Aurelius' team to guard the boy Caesar Romulus Augustus. While on a mission to rescue the Caesar, Aurelius asks her "Where did you learn to fight?". She answers "I come from Kerala, in the south of India. We were taught to fight like our forefathers, it is called Kalarippayattu". I could not stop laughing when i heard it. Although she does not show any Kalari moves, she does some well choreographed action scenes.

Other than Ash's appearance in it as Unniyaarcha, the movie is not worth watching.

Here's a sample of Ash's 'Kalarippayattu'

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Happy Birthday India!!!

It has been 60 years now, since India broke the chains of colonial monsters, who looted and hurt her. At the time of India's independence, it had to bear the burden of a bloody partition. It had to learn to manage the biggest and most diverse population in the world. The wise and famous had prophesied it's downfall. It's neighbours were waiting to jump upon her as she tears apart.

But after 60 years, against all odds India managed to survive with it's 1.1 billion people, who belong to all kind of religious, linguistic and ethnic groups. It is the biggest democracy in the world. It conducts the biggest free and fair elections in the world. Apart from political freedom, it has also achieved self sufficiency in the agricultural sector, it has built and sent satellites to space, it has built the biggest film industry in the world, it's companies changed the models of globalisation with their talented IT professionals.

At 60, India is racing to regain it's position in the old world as the richest country and one of superpowers in the world. Best Wishes India! Mera Bharath Mahaan!

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Sunday, August 12, 2007

World's best airports are Asian!!!

In a worldwide passenger survey conducted by Skytrax, Asian airports emerged as clear winners. All the top 3 positions were occupied by Asian airports, namely Hong Kong Int'l Airport, Seoul Incheon Airport and Singapore Changi Airport. Munich International Airport was the only non-Asian airport in the top five.

In the survey, passengers were asked to rate the airport on the basis of 40 categories of product and service quality - items such as terminal cleanliness, staff efficiency and courtesy, terminal signage and walking distances, as well as features like shopping, dining options, Internet services.

The outcome of the survey shows the (growing) might of Asia in the aviation sector. The aviation industry is expanding very rapidly in Asia because of the economic boom in the Asian countries. The Asian market is the most promising market for airline and airport firms.

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Monday, August 06, 2007

Some of the world's best ads

A selection of some of the best ads ever.

This ad is really touching. It's the best ad i have ever seen.

The following ads are very funny with good messages.

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

India's IB among top five intelligence agencies in the world

According to the private American intelligence news gathering entity Strategic Forecasting (STRATFOR), the Intelligence Bureau (IB), India's main domestic security and counter-terrorism force, is among the top five intelligence agencies in the world. IB's strength is in physical surveilance, including lock picking, safe cracking, key impressions, finger printing, photography, electronic surveillance (audio (bugging) or visual (micro cams)), mail manipulation (flaps and seals), forgery. Set up in 1885, IB is the oldest intelligence agency in the world.

Click here to read the story.

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Friday, August 03, 2007

Thank god, Google is not perfect!

Many people have some kind of supernatural image in their minds when they think or write about Google. Once, someone has written that Google works with extraterrestrial (martian, to be exact) perfection. But, these entries in the AdSense forum by AdSense publishers, about blank ads, show another face of Google. It's programmes are not supernatural and they are fallible.

It's a fact that Google produces very useful and free software for the masses. Their service is also very good. But their programmes (or the management?) do fail sometimes. It's time for a reality check for those people who try to give Google a divine image.

But, the most disturbing fact about this incident is, there is no word from Google about the blank ads. Many publishers are confused and they think that it's their fault. It is Google's duty to inform their affiliates about any problems or errors. May be we expect too much from the Martian Google. Google, please come back to earth with fallible programmes but good management.

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Anti-corruption game a huge hit in China

China has started a huge campaign to fight one of it's biggest problems, corruption. To educate the gaming addicted Chinese youth they launched an online game, in which players can hunt, torture and kill corrupt government officials.

Hopefully, none of those youngsters, inspired from the game, decide to kill their corrupt teacher or the local government official. China has recently executed it's former head of food regulatory authority. So torturing and killing are very much a reality in China.

It's very important to fight corruption. But killing the corrupt officials, be it in a game or in real life, is not the answer.

Click here to read the story reported by the BBC.

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