Friday, August 03, 2007

Thank god, Google is not perfect!

Many people have some kind of supernatural image in their minds when they think or write about Google. Once, someone has written that Google works with extraterrestrial (martian, to be exact) perfection. But, these entries in the AdSense forum by AdSense publishers, about blank ads, show another face of Google. It's programmes are not supernatural and they are fallible.

It's a fact that Google produces very useful and free software for the masses. Their service is also very good. But their programmes (or the management?) do fail sometimes. It's time for a reality check for those people who try to give Google a divine image.

But, the most disturbing fact about this incident is, there is no word from Google about the blank ads. Many publishers are confused and they think that it's their fault. It is Google's duty to inform their affiliates about any problems or errors. May be we expect too much from the Martian Google. Google, please come back to earth with fallible programmes but good management.

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