Monday, November 26, 2007

Woman terminated pregnancy to save the planet!

Last time I wrote about a man marrying a dog to beat a 'curse'. Now, as if that news is not bizarre enough, there's another story of a woman, who aborted her unborn baby to save the planet! According to her, the carbon footprint of the baby makes it unworthy of living on earth. I have never heard such a stupid argument. If she was that desperate to reduce the global warming, she could commit suicide and reduce her own carbon footprint. Should we kill ourselves and save an empty planet? What is the point of saving our planet, if there is no one living on it?

The most alarming part of this story is the fact that killing in the name of eco-friendliness (just like in the name of God) has begun. Probably there will be eco-fatwas and wars in the name of the eco-god in the future.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Indian man marries dog to beat curse

Another funny news from Tamil Nadu. This time it is of a man who married a female dog to get relief from a curse (Here's the other news: Surgery by teenager).

In a country, where even the most prominent actress, who is called the most beautiful woman in the world, needs to marry a tree to ward off a defect in her horoscope, it's no surprise that a poor man who suffers from paralysis and a loss of hearing tries to get relief from his "curse" by marrying a dog.

Is it just coincidence or some kind of curse (blessing) that the same day Tata's new supercomputer EKA was declared the 4th fastest supercomputer in the world and the fastest in Asia?

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Orkut developer sandbox: beginning of a revolution?

Orkut developer sandbox is Orkut's implementation of the OpenSocial platform. I too got access to it today. So i added two of my iGoogle gadgets (Kerala Blog Roll Gadget, English-German Dictionary Gadget) to try it out. Here's a screen shot of the applications.

As more and more developers join the network, a flood of social applications can be expected. And the real plus point about OpenSocial platform is it's openness, the ability to fetch data from various social networking sites. That'll hopefully lead to richer user experience, and 'more' social networking.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Rajiv Gandhi attacked by a Sri Lankan soldier : Video

When i saw the photograph of Angela Merkel inspecting the guard of honour in Delhi, this story of the Sri Lankan soldier who tried to attack Rajiv Gandhi came into my mind. The incident happened in 1987, the day after the Indo-Sri Lanka Accord was signed. I had only heard about this incident. Today, i found a video of this on YouTube.

India had to pay a heavy price for the involvement (during Rajiv Gandhi's government) in the Sri Lankan civil war. 1100 Indian soldiers died in the conflict and Rajiv Gandhi was killed by the LTTE. And the Sinhalese and Tamils haven't stopped fighting yet. Will Sri Lanka ever be peaceful again?

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