Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Aishwarya Rai as Unniyaarcha in The Last Legion!

Yes, it's true. In the Hollywood movie The Last Legion, the beauty queen plays the role of Mira, a female warrior serving a Byzantine emperor. She joins general Aurelius' team to guard the boy Caesar Romulus Augustus. While on a mission to rescue the Caesar, Aurelius asks her "Where did you learn to fight?". She answers "I come from Kerala, in the south of India. We were taught to fight like our forefathers, it is called Kalarippayattu". I could not stop laughing when i heard it. Although she does not show any Kalari moves, she does some well choreographed action scenes.

Other than Ash's appearance in it as Unniyaarcha, the movie is not worth watching.

Here's a sample of Ash's 'Kalarippayattu'

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