Friday, December 07, 2007

Amazing violin playing Robot

Reuters reports that Toyota has developed a robot which is capable of playing violin. It 's really awesome to see how much technology has advanced to enable a robot to play violin. Robotics has made giant leaps in recent years. Robotic cars which drive without any human help is one of the breakthorughs made by scientists. Robots are able to run and climb steps, serve coffee, dance, play football, swim and now play violin!!!

Toyota's violin robot

Swimming robot

Honda'S Asimo dancing

And a robot made by an Indian student

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Monday, December 03, 2007

AMD's move to design new chip in India makes Germans jealous!

AMD is designing it's new 45nm microprocessor 'Shanghai' in India. Generally German media does not report news like that. They like to show how poor Indians are and how Indians waste money by developing missiles (No, they do not report satellite launches and other scientific breakthroughs by Indian scientists or how people profit from satellite-aided tele-medicine etc.).

This news about AMD's plan was of particular interest to Germans, because AMD has chip-making plants and design facilities in the city of Dresden. So they are disappointed of losing such a high-profile job to Indians. It was really interesting to read their responses to this news in German web-forums. Someone wanted to call the new chip "Curry Chicken" because of it's Indian connection. Others didn't want to buy it, because it's designed (they do not know that Infineon, a German chip maker, designs it's chips in India) by poor under-developed Indians.

Such a news and such jealous responses were simply not imaginable even 7 years ago. India has come a long way in developing it's brand value as a high-tech R&D destination since the opening of it's economy. Well done and weiter so..

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