Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Surgery by teenager: doctors ask Medical Council to act

This story, reported by the Times of India (and numerous other newspapers around the world) is really shocking. A couple, both doctors, let their 15 year old kid perform a cesarean on a 20 year old woman.

I was really shocked to see such a story. But i was not that surprised. After all, it happened in Tamil Nadu, where people take their own lives when their favourite actors die. The attitude of the Tamils has always been interesting. People are ready to do everything for their leaders and idols. But the sad fact is, these leaders don't try to bring the poor (only the poor are ready to do ANYTHING for their idols) out of poverty.

Coming back to the story, it was not only illegal and unethical to let a teenager do a surgery, but also stupid. and the boys father anaesthetised the woman, although he was not qualified to do that. It shows the lack of basic work ethics and lack of respect to human life. Such people should be arrested and the government should ensure the quality of treatment available in clinics run by such doctors.

Here is a sarcastic view of this incident.

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  • I see we're writing on the same topic- from different perspectives. I was being sarcastic for the most part- and I agree that the parents were stupid in this situation, no doubt. On the other hand, considering what most teens are doing at 15, I do find it amazing that the kid had the poise to perform that kind of surgery.

    That's an interesting issue regarding the culture in Tamil Nadu. That may explain why the father was so interested in getting his son's name in the Guiness Book of Records (thus getting him idolized by his countrymen)

    By Blogger paz y amor, At June 27, 2007 4:15 AM  

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