Saturday, June 16, 2007

More problems with safari?

When the BBC reported that Apple's browser Safari was available for Windows users, i was kind of excited to try it. I am no Apple-fan, but I like the look of Apple's applications. So when I reached home from work, i installed it on my laptop. It was pretty fast and I didn't need to reboot. Then I opened it, it looked nice. But I was a bit annoyed, because it was not that easy to resize the window. From early on, I didn't believe Apple's claim that it was the world's best browser. But when I saw that typing a few letters in the search box of Youtube made it to crash, i could not stop laughing. Then I started the browser again and tried to add a bookmark, that made it crash again.

Numerous bug reports have revealed the vulnerability of Safari. Software always contains bugs. But releasing such a buggy software is simply unacceptable. Since then I have been thinking why they released such a buggy software. This report makes the story more complex and alarming. Does it mean, that behind this relase was a conspiracy against windows users, not a bunch of tired/lazy engineers who didn't want to test the application by themselves?

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